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Strategema Consulting Group is a boutique consulting firm with a realistic approach to understanding your unique business and technical requirements against all viable software solutions to maximize benefits while minimizing associated costs and risks. 

With decades of visionary leadership in the Apparel, Accessories, Consumer Goods, Manufacture, Distribution & Retail… We know our first objective is to understand yours, and our documented methodology ensures communication fostering effective solutions. 
With a completely agnostic software/vendor agnostic charter and broad experience with best of breed solutions, Strategema Consulting can assist anywhere along your lifecycle, from business process documentation, to partner selection, contract negotiation, integration into your business process, and efficient scale for your growing demands and those of your trading partners. 

SCG's Story

Drawing on over 80 combined years of visionary executive and operational leadership in the large global brand space; Strategema’s founding partners acknowledge the broad strides technology has made and the integral importance of supporting the business process with appropriate technology. Frustrated with the limitations of big business bureaucracy, Strategema Consulting Group’s charter chose to focus on the underserved middle market manufacturer and distributor, where they could deliver meaningful results. 

Experienced evaluators and implementers, they chose to fill a critical gap between business process and solution provider; building a core of consulting practitioners with a sharp focus on results.  Strategema consulting Group remains steadfastly focused on successfully completing each project with the utmost effectiveness; everything we do supports that objective.

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