We set industry standards in vendor non-compliance protocols, logistics strategy, distribution and warehousing processes. We deliver a wide range of results with immediate cost savings, and positions your business according to best practices. 

Our experts have implemented visionary strategies for pinnacle global brands such as Jordache and Diesel. The same strategies that have saved them hundreds of millions will work for you. 

Business Process Optimization

  • Benchmarking
  • KPI Development & Monitoring
  • Carrier Compliance
  • Vendor Compliance & Chargeback
  • Audit on Vendor Terms
  • Security

Shipment Optimization

  • Service Level Analysis
  • Packaging Analysis
  • Shipment Zone Analysis
  • Load Dimensional Analysis
  • Load Consolidation Analysis
  • Mode, Carrier, Service Analysis

Network Optimization

  • Distribution Network Analysis
  • Network Design and Modeling
  • Routing Guide Development
  • Distribution Center Site Selection


Rate Optimization

  • Product Classification/FAK Analysis
  • Rate Conversion Analysis
  • Bid Development
  • Rate Negotiation


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