Business IT Services

Selecting a new information system is a major decision for any organization, one that must be made based upon meticulous criteria built on the unique needs of your business rather than a ‘gut sense’ or a referral. Many times, once we understand your challenges a project shifts from selection to recovery… we can show you how the system you have may be the right one!
Implementation Services
Selecting, planning, installing and supporting new systems: PLM, ERP and beyond.
Selection and Negotiation
Creating a short list of solutions that will meet your needs and then walking you through the negotiation process to final contract. Our focus is developing that win/win that gives you the best solution, a strong relationship with the chosen vendor and a plan to implement a successful project.
Recovery Services
Whether solving new business issues with existing technologies rather than deploying new ones, putting a stalled implementation back on track, or introducing richer reporting into your legacy system…the right decision is often NOT to change.
Business Intelligence
TruVision ™ results driven BI process support decision making with pertinent, actionable information, not just reports. Regardless of your existing infrastructure, technology can enhance your enterprise visibility…our process delivers results.
Continuity Advisory Services
Extending the life of an existing business information system by introducing 3rd party tools such as web forms, or increasing adoption of automation within your trading partner community by leveraging available technology.

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